About Us

Amazing Lighting Solutions, LLC is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee providing residential, commercial, government agencies and other consumers with opportunities to purchase energy-efficient lighting options for renovations, upgrades, new construction developments, and other lighting projects. Our goal is “Improving How You See” by illuminating your surroundings with energy-saving indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures, bulbs, luminaires, LED products and other lighting solutions.
We are certified as a Minority Business Enterprise and Small Business Enterprise through the City of Memphis, Office Business Diversity and Compliance. The State of Tennessee Governor’s Office of Diversity Business Enterprise certified us as a Woman-Owned Business. In addition, we received certification as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise through the Memphis Shelby County Airport Authority and certified as a Local Small Business Enterprise by the Uniform Certification Agency operated by the Mid-South Minority Business Council Continuum (MMBC).


To effectively, efficiently, and expeditiously provide professional customer friendly lighting solutions.


Our goal is “Improving How You See” by illuminating your surroundings with energy-efficient lighting products.


We are committed to providing excellent customer service by gaining mutual respect, establishing a good rapport, listening to concerns and assisting with cost-efficient lighting solutions.

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