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LED Lighting Consumers

Consumers who are interested in “Improving How You See” along with your employees, friends, customers and/or stakeholders, you are our number one priority. We, at Amazing Lighting Solutions LLC, can assist you with illuminating your surroundings with energy saving LED lighting products for interior and exterior usage. We are committed to excellent customer service by gaining mutual respect, establishing a good rapport, listening to your concerns, and providing  cost-efficient lighting solutions.

We recognize the challenges you may encounter when determining if your existing lighting provides sufficient lumens to support a visually healthy and safe environment. Based on lighting safety standards sanctioned by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also known as OSHA, we can help you with “Improving How You See” within airports, commercial, government, healthcare, hotel, industrial, parking lots, public and recreational venues, residential, restaurants, schools/universities, warehouses, and other venues. 



What We Do

Amazing Lighting Solutions LLC operates as a vendor of cost efficient and environmentally friendly LED bulbs and light fixtures. The operations of the business include responding to competitive bid opportunities announced by state, local and federal governmental entities, as well as prime contractors and other consumers. We address the lighting concerns of residential consumers, churches and other private entities seeking LED lighting products. 

Our lighting assessment service is one way for us to provide solutions for insufficient lighting and unhealthy visual concerns that contradict our “Improving How You See” objective. The fee-based service is provided based on customer preference.  Customized lighting products are available upon request for customer specific lighting needs.