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About Us

Amazing Lighting Solutions LLC is locally owned in Memphis, Tennessee by Audrey Bonner, President & CEO, a female minority. She owns 100% of the single member limited liability business that opened for business on October 1, 2018. She is a lifelong resident of Memphis Shelby County, Tennessee. She gained over 44 years of customer service experience, worked as a public servant for 31 years with the federal government and for nineteen of those years she served in supervisory roles. She earned a Bachelor of Art degree from Memphis State University, now known as the University of Memphis and a master’s degree in Executive Leadership from Christian Brothers University.

As a community volunteer, she worked with second grade students as a reading tutor in 2013. She began volunteering as a mentor/tutor for male juveniles awaiting adjudication for alleged criminal violations in 2017. Her volunteer services ended at both agencies in 2020 when  the COVID-19 pandemic caused the agencies to end volunteer programs. Since that time, she has resumed her volunteer services.



To effectively, efficiently, and expeditiously we promote healthy visibility and sufficient lighting illumination in your surroundings.



With energy saving lighting solutions, we are “Improving How You See” by illuminating your surroundings with energy-efficient lighting products.



We are committed to providing excellent customer service by gaining mutual respect, establishing a good rapport, listening to concerns, and assisting with cost-efficient lighting solutions.